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Best Cycling Trails in Kalamazoo

To say that Kalamazoo is a haven for cyclists would be putting it mildly. There’s plenty of trails to go around in Kalamazoo, including a 35-mile trail that takes you all the way from Kalamazoo to South Haven. Pretty soon, the River to River Trail will be completed so bikers can get all the way to the Grand Rapids too. It’s fair to say that if you’re looking for Kalamazoo homes for sale because you’re looking to move somewhere, you can comfortably raise a family, you’ll want to bring your bike along for the ride. Here are the best cycling trails in Kalamazoo.

  1. Kal-Haven

    The Kal-Haven Trail is the ultimate bike path in Western Michigan. It is the king of bike trails. With a total 34.5 miles of limestone trail stretching from Kalamazoo to South Haven, you’re in for a great ride. The trail runs through spots, including stunning small towns, across six bridges, and by Lake Michigan. Just keep an eye on the road as hikers, horse riders, and snowmobiles are regulars on the path too.

  2. Al Sabo Land Preserve

    The beautiful Al Sabo Land Preserve covers over 25 miles of trails for bikers, hikers, and the general public. Seven of the trails on the preserve are for use by bikers. The preserve is a big hit with bike enthusiasts, who all agree that the trails are fit for people of all skill levels. That’s to say nothing of the gorgeous views and stunning scenery, including forests and wetlands.

  3. Fort Custer State Reservation Area

    Fort Custer is home to some 25 miles of maintained trails that cyclists and hikers can enjoy. It makes for a great destination for general outdoors activities, including fishing and camping too. There are three lakes to explore and enjoy as well, not to mention a beach and the Kalamazoo River.

  4. Maple Hill Trail

    Maple Hill Trail is something for advanced riders looking for a thrill. There’s plenty of turns, jumps, tabletops, rock features, and more in this thrilling 5.5-mile bike trail. Not for the faint of heart, to say the least.

  5. Kalamazoo River Trail

    This trail isn’t complete just yet, but the plan is for it to be 35 miles of paved trail that stretches all the way from Kalamazoo to Battle Creek, Michigan. The trail currently stands at around 22 miles long, with more work being done all the time.

  6. Great Lake to Lake Biking Trail

    This aptly named trail takes bike riders on a journey through rural and urban areas alike. Travel across the lower southern ends of Michigan by biking from one lakeshore to another. The trail offers plenty for everyone, including scenic views, beautiful birds, and refreshment options to keep bikers going.

    It’s important to understand what’s on offer when considering a vacation or move. The good news is that anyone looking for Kalamazoo homes for sale will have plenty to do when they get settled in. These Kalamazoo bike trails are just the beginning.

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