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The Best Ways to Increase Your Condo’s Value

When making the decision to invest in home improvements and upgrades, one of the biggest considerations is rather or not they will. Before you begin, do some research and learn which upgrades are likely to pay off. If you want to know what buyers are looking for, ask the experts. Realtors in Kalamazoo, MI, shared some of their insider knowledge with us and gave us a few valuable tips for those looking to increase the value of their condo or house.

What Buyers Want

It is no surprise that home buyers want value, but they want comfort and a feeling of luxury as well. According to Kalamazoo realtors, concentrating the bulk of home upgrades in two specific rooms is the way to grab the attention of prospective buyers and get a return on your investment.

The first room home buyer’s tend to scrutinize when looking for a new home is the kitchen. In many families, the kitchen is a place where families come together for shared time preparing meals or baking together, and since everyone has to eat, it is a room every buyer will use frequently. The second most important room on a buyer’s agenda is the bathroom. For a lot of people, a warm bath or steamy shower is their time to unwind and relax, and nobody wants to go through their daily hygiene routine in a space that isn’t comfortable.

Go Granite

Granite countertops stand out and increase a home’s retail value. Not only does granite look great, giving an entire room a classy, luxurious feel that really can’t be achieved with laminate or other materials, but it is easy to clean and damage resistant. Installing granite counters in your kitchen and adding new appliances are two great ways to make your condo more appealing and more valuable.

You can go granite in bathrooms, too. Buyers want bathroom fixtures that are modern and sleek, so replacing any fixtures that appear outdated is a must, especially when it comes to showers and bathtubs. High efficiency shower heads and frosted glass shower doors look good, and the high efficiency fixture saves money and saves water, a win/win for potential buyers who want to save money and do their part to save the environment. Frosted glass requires less frequent cleaning than translucent, standard glass and offers more privacy.

Make More of the Floor

Upon entering a home, the floors are one of the first features to draw the attention of a potential buyer. Hardwood floors appeal to buyers because they are easier to clean and maintain and also look more elegant than traditional carpet, which tends to wear down and easily shows stains. Ash and Cherry are popular types of wood for flooring, as are many other light or medium wood tones with non-obtrusive grains. If real hardwood is out of your price range, there are vinyl and laminate options that look remarkably realistic and offer the same great wood look for a lower price.

If you’re looking to sell your Condo for the best price, then you need a real estate team that has a good understanding of local market factors. The Stirk Realty Group can ensure a fast sale at the right price. Call us on 269.207.7894 or send through an email to Team(at)stirkrealtygroup(dotted)com.